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Here at JLB Therapies, we offer a number of different massage and complimentary therapies. Click the links below to find out more:


Therapies can take place either either in your home or out of our space in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Concessions available! Contact us for more details.



What can I expect from my treatment?

When a client comes to me for treatment, I ask them to complete a new client form that helps me to build a history of their physical, mental and emotional health. That's why this is called holistic massage- it treats the person as a whole and doesn't just focus on the physical. We'll have a conversation about what they would like from treatment but more often than not, it's when my client is on the couch that I find out more. Not only from what they tell me verbally, but from what their bodies tell me when I place my hands on them and use massage techniques to assist in healing and repairing.

You can quite often tell when a person has a desk job by noticing their posture and commonly, they have tight shoulders, neck, lower back, hips and sometimes legs. Yoga, movement, running, any kinds of exercise can have an effect on the body, especially if self-care before and afterwards isn't keeping your body at optimal health. This is where massage really comes in. I use different techniques on the body depending on the issue and whether it would be beneficial for you, my client, to receive that treatment. It helps to bear in mind that you may be having treatment elsewhere, from an osteopath or physiotherapist for example, so massage needs to complement rather than work against. 

A massage treatment with JLB Therapies will end with a discussion on some helpful self-care techniques that you can practice easily at home. From simple things such as drinking more water to having an Epsom salt bath, to movement and yoga techniques to help keep your neck and shoulders loose, especially if you're usually desk-bound.