Essential Oils

For a long time, I have loved using essential oils. Combined with my passion and skills for massage therapy, it seemed natural that the next step would be to study aromatherapy.

It all started with purchasing an oil burner and using lavender (trusty ol’ lavender!) when I was practicing yoga, meditating or simply wanting a lovely, soothing backdrop to my homelife. With it’s many qualities including calming the nervous system, soothing the skin, being anti-spasmodic, antimicrobial, relaxing, promoting sleep, wound healing, there’s not a lot that this amazing oil can’t do. It’s pretty much safe for most people to use and is a must have for any essential oil kit. I use this a lot during aromatherapy- it’s hard not to have a favourite- but you can’t deny it’s many healing qualities.

On the recommendation of a friend, I began using grapefruit oil especially when feeling run-down or suffering from cold or flu. It’s cleansing, uplifting and stimulates the immune system which is great when you need a boost. If you’re into making your own cleaning products, this oil is known for it’s disinfecting properties. For a long while, these were the only two oils I used and I would burn grapefruit during the day and lavender at night.

Now that I’ve studied aromatherapy and have learnt more about other essential oils I’m fascinated by their qualities and how they blend together. They have top, middle and bottom notes; top notes hit you immediately upon smelling them but the scent soon disappears to let the other fragrances through. Bottom notes are deeper, stronger and take a while to come through.

The cost of the oils is dependent upon extraction method and the cost of harvesting the plant. Lavender is inexpensive because of it’s availability, abundance and it’s steam distilled which is a more common extraction method. Rose, however, is harder to come by, more expensive to harvest and more difficult to extract because the petals contain little oil.

Using essential oils during massage can have many benefits. Your therapist (me!) can create a bespoke blend, according to your needs, with oils that will complement each other and help with issues that you may be having. They can be used to promote relaxation, improved sleep, ease muscular aches and pain, relieve symptoms of colds and more.

It’s also worth mentioning that they cannot make claims to be a cure for any illness or ailment, but rather be used as a complementary therapy alongside other health protocols, whatever they may be.

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